Promotion to full professor

The process and standards for promotion to full professor vary by faculty, but here's what applies to everyone:

What you need to know

  • The requirements: The standards for promotion, and at what point you can apply, vary widely by faculty and department/school.
  • What it’s based on: The application to full professor is made largely on the basis of your research profile.
  • The timeline: Inform your chair of your intent to apply by June 1, and have your promotion brief (and the names of at least three arms-length external referees) in by July 1.
  • The players: As with tenure, your promotion case will go through three levels of committees, and then the University president.
    • DTPC = Department Tenure and Promotion Committee
    • FTPC = Faculty Tenure and Promotion Committee
    • UTPC = University Tenure and Promotion Committee

Where to find information