Waterloo software glossary

You're going to have to interact with a lot of different software and websites and apps at Waterloo, and it can be hard to get a handle on what software does what. Here's a quick guide to many of the tech tools you're likely to come across as a faculty member (for more on online teaching tools, see the Keep Learning website).

What it’s called

What it means

What it does

ADFS Active Directory Federation Service Manages secure web logins for various UW systems with single sign-on access.
CAS Central Authentication System Also manages secure web logins for various UW systems with single sign-on access, just with a different (older) protocol than ADFS.
Concur Expense claim software Sends your out-of-pocket expense claims to Finance
Duo Two-factor authentication Adds a second layer of security to all your UW logins. Will be mandatory this November, so opt in now.
GoSignMeUp Training and development registration system Allows you to find and register for workshops at the Centre for Teaching Excellence, Equity Office, and more.
GroupNet Canada Life's plan member website and app Allows you to submit your health & dental claims on your phone or in your browser, and tells you your health & dental plan balances.
LEARN The UW iteration of Desire2Learn's learning management software. It's the official Learning Management System (LMS) for undergraduate/graduate teaching at Waterloo. Fun fact: It's capitalized only to differentiate it from the common word "learn."
Odyssey   Supports faculty in some units with administering graduate admissions, exams, and TA assignments.
Office 365 The software-as-a-service package behind your email, calendar, Teams, and more. Provides access to your UW email, file storage (OneDrive), and online Microsoft Office productivity tools.
Office 365 Apps The familiar suite of Microsoft Office applications: Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote Provides the usual Microsoft Office applications, but now connected to your Office 365 account, which means you can sync files to your OneDrive and collaborate with others. Also called Microsoft Office ProPlus.
Qualtrics Survey software Creates sophisticated surveys with a friendly user interface for the people taking them.
Quest Student information system Manages student registration, tuition, class allocation, and scheduling.
RT System Request Tracker How to submit service requests to IST, Faculty IT, Plant Ops, etc. 
Skype for Business "Softphone" software: a web-based telephony and messaging system Will soon replace most traditional office desk telephones on campus. Also does video chat, instant messaging, and desktop sharing. Will eventually be replaced by Teams. Not available to undergraduate students.
Student Accommodations Faculty Module How you interact with AccessAbility Services Allows you to manage student accommodations
Unit4 Financial recording and procurement system This is where you manage your grants, expenses, etc. Out-of-pocket expenses go through Concur.
UW Scholar Personalized research websites Website template for researcher/faculty profiles. Easiest way to develop your own faculty/lab group profile
WatCard UW ID card Access library resources and recreation facilities, and pay for things on campus.
WatIAM Waterloo Identity Account Management WatIAM usernames are used by Quest, WaterlooWorks, Learn, myHRinfo, Office 365 email and many other campus systems.
WatSafe app Campus emergency notification app Sends you notifications as to emergencies on campus (e.g. fire, active shooter). It's installed on all UW owned/operated computers and can be downloaded onto your phone as well.
WCMS Waterloo Content Management System The WCMS is the tool through which all UW websites are created and maintained.
Workday HR's employee management system Access tax info, pay slips, employee hiring/management tools, record of employment, training history/registration, and more.