New Blog Post and the Lecturers Survey Report

Monday, November 7, 2016

President's Report

A new Report from the President is up on the FAUW blog, along with a detailed update about the status of the Sexual Violence Policy.

Lecturers survey report

FAUW's Lecturers Committee administered a survey of all Lecturers at UWaterloo in November, 2015, to explore five main topics:

  • terms of appointment – the nature of lecturer positions and the hiring process
  • teaching loads
  • experience with the “option to have at least one term in six be non-teaching”
  • service – understanding of eligibility for and participation in various service roles
  • proposed new titles and ranks for lecturers at UWaterloo​

The response rate to the survey was impressive, with 83% of 180 lecturers participating.

Preliminary quantitative results were presented at the Fall General Meeting of the Faculty Association in December, 2015. The final report includes qualitative data from the comments contributed by respondents.

Download the report on the 2015 Lecturers Survey.