Compensation Negotiating Team

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Our next round of compensation negotiations with the University begins late this year, and we are assembling our negotiating team now. We are looking for a Chief Negotiator and two team members to represent FAUW in the formal negotiations which are scheduled for fall 2023 and winter 2024.

What’s involved?

  • The compensation negotiating team typically meets weekly from September, in preparation for the formal negotiations. 
  • Formal negotiations will begin in late November and are typically completed by the end of January, although the process will be extended if mediation or arbitration is required.  
  • Outside of the formal meetings, the team is responsible for conducting extensive background research, including a review of the university’s most recent financial statements, an analysis of the negotiation outcomes from other universities, and an assessment of the costing of the potential salary and/or benefit increases proposed.
  • Course relief is provided to the negotiating team members in recognition of the significant time requirement.

What are the qualifications?

A successful bargaining team is one with diverse skills that can work as a good team. In particular, we are looking for people with combinations of the following skills and experience:

  • Negotiating experience, especially in a labour relations or unionized context.
  • Ability to analyze financial statements (preferably with accounting experience).
  • Strong quantitative/ mathematical modelling skills.
  • Experience of the University of Waterloo’s policies and governance structure.
  • Strong leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Detail oriented and strategic.

FAUW is looking to its membership to identify members with a possible interest and good set of skills. Please let us know if you are that person, or let us know which of our colleagues you believe we should have a chat with to see if our interests align.

Please contact Mary Hardy about this role.