Policy development: Faculty Appointments (76) and Tenure and Promotion (77)

We are currently revising policies 76 (Faculty Appointments) and 77 (Tenure and Promotion of Faculty Members) to create new teaching-stream faculty appointments.

FAUW’s fundamental purpose is to promote fairness for and equitable treatment of our members, to defend academic freedom, and to ensure that we all work in an environment that supports excellent research and teaching. It is the collective responsibility of all of us in the Association to fight for fair working conditions and good jobs for all of our members.

Creating better jobs for teaching-intensive faculty will benefit everyone at Waterloo. We want to see the University do better at valuing and recognizing the teaching that we all do, and creating high quality teaching appointments is part of that shift. An updated teaching-stream policy is also required for Waterloo to stay competitive among its peer institutions—many of which have had teaching-intensive professorial appointments for years. Teaching-stream appointments that include time and recognition for professional and pedagogical development (PPD) and rigorous processes that mirror existing tenure & promotion procedures will ensure that our teaching-stream faculty provide the best and most effective teaching possible and drive pedagogical and curricular innovation.

How to participate

You should feel free to pass on your comments on policy revisions to your representative on FAUW Council, to a member of the FAUW board, or using the Policy 76/77 Comments form.

Recent updates

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