FAUW members elect directors in the winter term every year (alternating between six Faculty-specific representatives one year and four at-large plus one lecturer representative the next year), and a president every two years.

Section 7 of the FAUW Constitution outlines the rules and the timeline, but we've fleshed out the details a bit more here. 

The Elections Committee

The Board appoints an Elections Committee in September of each year. The FAUW constitution requires that the committee consist of a minimum of two FAUW members. Ideally, the committee will have three members (plus the Community Relations Coordinator), including:

  • at least one Board member (voting or ex-officio),
  • at least one non-Board member, and
  • for presidential elections, a past president.

Election timeline

  • Results are announced at the General Meeting, so we work backwards from there.
  • Voting must close at 1:30 pm two business days before the General Meeting.
  • Voting must open at least fifteen calendar days prior to the General Meeting.
  • Nominations must close one week before that, to allow time to set up the e-vote. This is a technical requirement, not a constitutional one.
  • We must start receiving nominations by 30 calendar days prior to the General meeting. We typically open nominations well before this date.

Nomination rules

Note that the following rules are in addition to the requirements in the constitution. These additions and clarifications were approved by the FAUW Board on September 13, 2018.

  • Nomination forms can be submitted electronically (by email or as directed).
  • Digital signatures will be accepted.
  • Late submissions will not be accepted, beyond a five-minute grace period.
  • A candidate can only run for one position at a time.
    • Rationale: If someone runs for and wins both positions, then the results for the position they do not fill are not representative of voter choice among the remaining candidates. 
  • The committee will announce who is running after nominations close. Until that point, only elections committee members and FAUW staff are entitled to know who has been nominated.

Tie votes

The process for settling a tie was updated and approved by the FAUW Board on February 24, 2021.

  • In the event of a tie, the position will be awarded to the candidate who has self-identified as a member of one of the priority equity-seeking groups identified by the Board for that year.
  • In the event that all or no tied candidates are members of a prioritized group, FAUW will settle the tie with a run-off election with a voting period of one week.
  • In the event of a subsequent tie, the elections committee will hold a coin toss to determine the successful candidate.

For the 2021 Board elections, the priority groups are: Black, Indigenous, and persons with disabilities.