Indigenous Priorities Action Committee

FAUW's Indigenous Priorities Action Committee (IPAC)* is a member-led group that advocates for changes at the University of Waterloo to improve the experiences of Indigenous faculty, staff, and students. It is open to faculty members who are Indigenous, settlers, arrivants, visitors, or who have other relationships to this land. Our agenda is driven by relationships to members of the Indigenous community at Waterloo and the priorities they express.

Our current priorities include:

  • Advocating for the upcoming cluster hires to follow good practices and for changes required to make the University a welcoming place for new Indigenous faculty.
  • Directly supporting new Indigenous faculty as they go through the hiring process and adjust to Waterloo.

Contact Laura McDonald or any member of the committee for more information, to get involved, or if your department wants support preparing for new Indigenous faculty members.

*Previously the Indigenization Working Group. We hope this new name better reflects both the work and the composition of the group.

IPAC mailing list

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