Campus resources

Guidance for faculty members

Leave policies

SWEC has coordinated with Human Resources to provide a summary of faculty leave policies (PDF).

Disability accommodations

FAUW has a blog post on best practices for accommodations and how things work at Waterloo.

Equity proponents at Waterloo

The following departments, positions and groups all work to promote equity at the University of Waterloo, addressing issues relating to gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age, class and gender identity.

The Equity Office (EO)

The EO’s mandate is to develop and promote a strategy for advancing equity at the University; to provide consultation and advice on equity issues (for administration as well as for the broader UW community of faculty, staff and students); and to deliver learning and development on equity related issues.

Special Advisor to the President, Women’s and Gender Issues

The special advisor (Diana Parry) works with senior administration, faculty, and the Director of Equity to advise on policy and structural level gender equity issues, and to help foster a supportive environment in which female faculty can maximize their career opportunities. Professor Parry will lead the development of a long-range plan, with clear and actionable goals, to guide and track measurable progress in this portfolio.

HeForShe Advocates

Each of the six faculties (plus St. Jerome’s, Renison and St. Paul’s) have appointed a point person (or two) who will solicit input from students, faculty, staff, and alumni around gender equity concerns, issues, and challenges within each Faculty. Each faculty advocate has a budget to fund events such as workshops, panel discussions, or clubs to address these concerns over the next five years.

Provost's Advisory Committee on Equity

The mandate of the committee is to provide a forum for consultation on equity at the University of Waterloo.  The committee advises on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility for Success (IDEAS) at University of Waterloo. A standing committee of PACE is the Working Group on Sexual and Gender Diversity.

AccessAbility Services

AccessAbility Services provides services and support for University of Waterloo students who have a permanent disability as well as those with a temporary disability.

FAUW has a blog post on how AAS works to support faculty.

Waterloo Aboriginal Education Centre (AEC)

The AEC facilitates the sharing of Indigenous knowledge and provides culturally relevant information and support services for all members of the University of Waterloo community.

The Women's Centre

The Women’s Centre is a Federation of Students organization that aims to provide a female-positive and supportive environment on campus for women and trans* folks. It organizes education and advocacy activities (workshops, film screenings, and guest lectures) and provides students with resources on issues ranging from women's health to sexual violence. 


Glow is the oldest queer and trans* student organization in Canada. Run entirely by dedicated student volunteers, it offers a wide variety of discussion groups, social events, advocacy opportunities, awareness campaigns, resources, and information. 

W3: Waterloo Women’s Wednesdays

W3 is a monthly gathering of woman-identified grad students, post-docs, staff and faculty that (usually) meets on the last Wednesday of each month from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. at the Grad House. The second hour of each session focuses on programming by and for UW women.

Faculty and department organizations for women in STEM fields

Women in Engineering (WiE) at the University of Waterloo exists to support current female engineers and university students, while encouraging the next generation of women to pursue careers in engineering. 

Women in Computer Science works to build an environment in the School of Computer Science where women are supported in their work and studies, among other goals.

The Women in Math (WIM) committee provides support and resources for women in math at University of Waterloo, encourages women to pursue mathematics and organizes speakers and events for female math students and faculty.

FemPhys improves the environment for undergraduate and graduate students in Physics and the STEM community through mentoring, education and awareness-raising initiatives. Keep an eye out for events on the Physics & Astronomy website.