Aug 22 2017 FACCUS meeting agenda 2:30-4:30pm


Location: MC 2009

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting

  2. Anything to add to today's agenda?
  3. Note:
    1. FACCUS site moved to responsive:

    2. FACCUS SharePoint site (contact Lisa if you need access):

  4. Various projects/initiatives in Information Systems & Technology (IST)
    • Office 365 for staff (Shawn WB, Dave H) (15-20 min)

    • SharePoint migrations and upgrade update (Stephen M) (10 min)

    • Windows 10 update (tentative)

    • Mattermost (Andrew M) (5-10 min)

  5. Arts projects presentation (Herbert B.) (10-15 min)
    1. CALMS (asset management)
    2. OFAS (faculty acquisition).
  6. University colleges and IT support (Peggy D., Scott P.) (10 min)
  7. Service Desk initiatives sub group - stalled for now (Peggy/Lisa)
    1. original mission: The mission of the Service desk Initiatives group is to work together to enable all IT Help desks on campus to improve service to users. This could include: documentation, communication, marketing, tools and solutions, training, and service processes.
  8. Faculty/area updates (all)
  9. Fall meeting topics (Lisa)
    1. Suggestions
    2. Also see Winter 2016 suggestions
  10. Who to host next FACCUS meeting (Library?)