Feb 10 2016 FACCUS minutes


Arts: PAS 2438

In attendance - Bernie (Env), Scott (Arts), Bill B(IST), Josh (Library), Keith (Arts), Barb (IST), Bob (IST), Will (IST), Mike (IST/Housing), Cassandra(IST/AHS), Lisa (IST) - chair, Peggy (IST) - minutes, Alan (Science), Steve (IST/Eng), Stef (Eng), Mary (Env), Jennifer (IST/Env), Chris (MFCF), Manfred (IST), Ashish (St. Jeromes), Omar (CSCF)

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting

    1. approved

  2. Anything to add to today's agenda?
    1. nothing
  3. Various projects/initiatives in Information Systems & Technology (IST)
    • Uprint update (Bill Baer) (15-20 min): statistics, feedback, updates

      •  uPrint Update

        • Library says the students want to be able to print duplex from their laptops.

        • with the update there was to be a webprint queue made so that students could choose a printer that does 2 sided printing - this has not happened yet.

        • lots of discussion about staff/faculty/grad student printing and when/how this can happen

    • IST fax service (Tim Farrell) (15 min)

        • Fax Presentation

          Can save about $35 a month removing the analogue line and go to the fax server
        • web server to keep track of faxes/send or received,  fax from there as well

    • Windows 10/Office 2016 (Lisa)

      • Stephen Markan and Mike Cocker are the project co-leads

      • charter is not completed yet

    • RT

      • CM queues and sample CM plans
      • Accounts work done in fall 2015: populated RT with LDAP accounts (this fixed the occasional ‘no requestor’ issue)
        1. Also ensured RT primary acct is 8 char userid with primary LDAP email address, and ensured RT ticket history stayed with these accts
        2. Next step is to allow multi email; no timeline for this yet; currently, we fix issues as requested/when we notice
      • Pilot the use of Articles to determine its utility with respect to capturing and reusing knowledge in a Tier 1 support context.
      • New areas to RT: Housing and Residences and ECE
    • Arts/IST updates
      1. Win 10 Mail instructions almost complete if anyone wants to link to them/borrow them
      2. IST web site – some redirects have needed to be added; if you notice any links to IST pages not redirecting properly, just submit and RT to have it fixed
      3. Continuing work on documenting ACO processes; if interested in how we are doing this, just give me a call/email
      4. CS 3 year plan, if interested, search ‘Client services 3 year plan’ https://uwaterloo.ca/information-systems-technology/about/organizational-structure/client-services/3-year-plan
    • IST annual plan:  https://uwaterloo.ca/information-systems-technology/about/strategic-planning/ist-annual-plan-2015-2016/
    • AHS, ENV, IST moving to Parallells & SCCM for mac mgmt. (more info to come as details are being sorted out) (Lisa)

      • contact Manfred for more information

  4. ACO new location: PAS 2081; FACCUS members are welcome to stop by PAS 2081
  5. Faculty/area updates (all)
    1. ​Math -nothing new
    2. Jen/Mary/Bernie - SCCM for mac is new, uprint is still going well, new Web developer (michael from IST) part of MAD
    3. Cassy - parallels for MAC is in testing mode, Office 2016 depolyment, faculty wide SAS server, support is more and more interesting due to the new long care facility, new members in Tech Town, new expansion will add more meeting rooms to look after.  Checking out of all AV equipment to put in database, rollover timing etc
    4. Will, lot of Office 2016 for the Mac in Math, there are some issues authentication issues with SharePoint - we need to get our servers in line connect on 2010, SharePoint is on 2013.  MS patch for Office 2013 and mailservices was pushed out in December.
    5. Bob  CSCF - usual stuff, move away from deploy for MAC management - colabrating with MFCF for Scaper suite
    6. St Jeromes - new building almost ready, resident fall 2016, idenity write management - anyone using anything?
    7. SSO - new staff from WI move to SSO, 8 staff moved to MC 2nd floor; Housing - new residence Fall 2017, pilot for housekeepers moving from cell phones to ipads using wireless, keyboxes on the go V1, MKV and UWP
    8. IST - 3 year plan is on line, take a look and see what IST is doing along with the IST strat plan; new service catalogue may need some redirects for old information.
    9. Arts working on W10 mail instructions for clients; documentation on ACO processes; in process of configuring new lab for school of accounting and finance, going to be stat of the art facility, spring term opening, lots of software to package and get ready, ultra small form factor with duel monitors for each; new system for other labs, staff rollover 25-35 system that co-op will get ready.
    10. Library - VDI for staff will be rolled out; digital signage (signage software); lots of retirements, new hires happen 16 - 22 positions.
    11. Engineering - personal change Matt Oliver has come onboard to help out for a few months, still doing Arch as week; Science presented their signage solution in Bata but Library is using it.  All open source, for widget/layers lots of options to the end user.  
    12. Science - Signag beta 1.0 - Cas authentication; health and safety application is being worked on 
    13. Workstation services, adobe CS6 issues not supported since 2014, every time we update reader/pro they have to reinstall, they need to move to the new versions.
  6. Future FACCUS agenda items/discussion topics (Lisa)
  7. Who to host next FACCUS meeting: Engineering - room to be TBA