Mar 27 2019 FACCUS meeting agenda


Location: AHS 1686



  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting
  2. Anything to add to today's agenda?
  3. Various projects/initiatives/updates - Information Systems & Technology (IST) (Also see
    1. Grouper update/demo (Sean M) (15-20 min)
    2. Exam Management System update (Andrew M)

    3. O365 email – Assessment and Planning project update (Andrew M)

    4. 2FA update (Matt H)
    5. Guest wireless update (Matt H)
      1. IST NS is actively working on this and it should be available within weeks (or less).
      2. It will provide access to Web (80,443), Mail, and VPN(Our cisco anyconnect (IPSEC/SSL)); all other services will be blocked.
      3. It will be called something similar to uw-wifi-setup-no-encryption. When chosen, the captive portal page will then appear: Guests will then click a different "Here" link for "UW Guest access". They will then need to read and accept an Acceptable Use Policy. Once accepting the AUP they will be granted wireless access for 24 hours. After that time they will be forced to re-authenticate by repeating the process.
    6. Adobe Acrobat Pro Licensing model (Sandra L)
      1. Currently we license Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 on the Webstore for $110.00/copy – this is a perpetual model and there are no additional costs until users move to next versions. Sandy has ordered another 250 copies  of this version that should take us to the end of 2019. This version has an expiry date of 2022-06-06.

      2. Acrobat Pro DC (next version) is a subscription based model paid yearly, the same as Creative Suite.

        1. Subscription model: $15.00 US plus tax a month (180.00 US yearly) and the responsibility is with departments to pay and renew.

      3. IST is working on an Knowledge Base article to help people determine if they need Acrobat Pro, or if they can perform their business functions using MS Office or another application (that they already have or could obtain for a lower cost)

      4. Questions/concerns can be directed to Sandra Laughlin

    7. Collaboration Tools and Options (Stephen M) (15 min)

      1. Overview of IST’s O365 page and account activation

      2. SharePoint and OneDrive

    8. Office 2016 replacement (Office 365 desktop deployment project) (Lisa T)
    9. Other short updates (Lisa T)
      1. DTR Inventory project
      2. IST Knowledge Base
        1. (linked to from Help and Support page)
      3. WCMS intro courses in Learn
        1. SEW099 WCMS for Content Maintainers [LEARN]
        2. SEW100 WCMS for Site Managers [LEARN]
        3. SEW101 Web Form Creation [LEARN]
  4. Skype/Skype for Business/MS Teams (Chris R)
    1. MS Teams is currently independent of Skype (Microsoft plans to integrate or combine them later but now they are completely independent, with different features, etc.)

    2. Skype for Business 2016 is the version that is being deployed (to many managed machines on campus), and is connected to our campus GAL (and phone system for some areas)

  5. Content storage solutions (Lisa ) -

  6. Windows 7 EOL Jan, 2020 (Lisa)
    1. There have already been issues with non-SP1 (e.g. can't connect to the campus VPN; non-SP1 hasn't been supported for a while)

    2. If there's a critical issue that comes out that MS doesn't patch, IST Security will look for and actively remove vulnerable machines from the network

    3. Compromised machines are removed from the network, as well (typically without warning)

  7. Faculty/area updates (all)
    1. Introductions for any new members
  8. Review from May 2018  brainstorming (Lisa T)
    1. Reminder all are invited to:
      1. Report on new projects
      2. MS Teams channel?
        1. Informal communications for emerging issues
      3. Reach out to FACCUS/IST Account Reps when planning new initiatives
  9. Who to host next FACCUS meeting? (Arts?)