Mar 29 2018 FACCUS meeting notes


Location: STC 3014

Present: Mirko, Troy G, Paul M, Alan F, Steve C, Randy D, Will L, Andrew M, Mary B, Lowell W, Scott P, Jamiemson S, Bill E, Stephen M, Cassie B, Peggy D (notes), Barb Y, Steve B, Bernie R, Lawrence F, Chris R, Kate W, Lisa T (chair) Tom G, Mike P

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting

  2. Anything to add to today's agenda?
  3. Various projects/initiatives/updates - Information Systems & Technology (IST)
    1. Closing RTIR Investigations tickets (Mike P)

and the speaker notes:

The key thing for FACCUS folks is that if they can, and should close Investigations that they believe have been completed.

  1.   Digital scinage solutions being used (product name, costs, benefits/features/selling points) (Randy D, Scott P, Paul M, Mirko, others)
    1. Science is doing a PDAG seminar the end of April on Scinage
  2. Various projects/initiatives/updates - Information Systems & Technology (IST) - continued
    1. Office 365 project and Faculty input (Andrew M)

      1. Andrew heading a new project O365 Advancement, to promote O365 to staff, faculty, Grad students, PopUp booths for each faculty, DropIn lab Wednesday 2-4Pm through out the summer months.  Communications will be coming about these events

  3. New location of the IST Service Desk in DC (Peggy D)

Very excited about our new desk that was built for use during the renovation of the Library.  If you enter the Library walk past the circulation desk and look to your left we are at the back where the old student carols used to be.  All the printers have been moved to this space as well, so we don't have to leave the desk to support printer issues. 

Signage needs to be done, meeting next week to discuss with the Library

New security gate in the DP service desk as well

  1. WatIAM 2.0 go live (Peggy D)

New go live date is the week of April 9th as far as I know.  There has been some pushback from HR about being down during business hours, no on-boarding will happen during the down time.

  1. Moves of mailservices accounts to Exchange update (Lisa T)

  2. Overleaf interest on campus (LaTeX collaborative writing and publishing tool) -Steve C

Steve has been supporting LaTeX for about 20 years on campus, about 5 years ago a online storage OverLeaf for putting documents - there has been some questions about a onsite license - have anyone been ask?  Lawrence has some in CS interested.

  1. School of Computer Science Administrative Tools project (Lawrence F.)

Ask Lawrence for more information.

  1. Faculty/area updates (all)
    1. Math -Lisa T -UWaterloo Scholar session provided to Math Graduate Students. Upcoming Info session for Math staff (topics: Visible displays, for undergraduate students, Qualtrics survey tool, WatVote voting system, OneDrive and N: drive file storage, Skype for Business, UWaterloo Scholar for faculty and graduate students, Event registration options, updates)
    2. Arts - Scott P -
      1. CALMS , demo’d two meetings ago, is still being developed. Automatic RT creation for rollovers, etc., System loans recording
      2. PAS-1098 is being looked at to divide with a glass wall to turn 1 area into a bookable presentation room, small exam room, Skype session with a smart board and projector
      3. SharePoint re-org in ACO didn’t go as expected
    3. IST - Andrew - 
      1. new tool to replace Ona working with Network Services;
      2. Wayfind on campus directions project with Plant Ops. 
      3. New ODA compliance project for all on campus website - if it is not current lets delete it.
      4. New Faculty webstore to purchase Software for professional allowance
    4. RS - Randy,  Retail services about to get a new name and branding to go with it.  One web site for all.
    5. Science -Allan F
      1. Troy Grandy is now a full time employee.
      2. We will be hiring a 3 year contract person for development and documentation.
      3. I am retiring in 10 months.
    6. IST- Ryan G now works for IST security team
  2. Who to host next FACCUS meeting (Library?)