May 28 2019 FACCUS meeting minutes


Location: EV1-221

Present:Ryan Goggin, Stephen Markan, Kate Wood, Scott Patterson, Jon Cressman, Bill Eickmeier, Jennifer Keir, Cassie Bechard, Angus Rogerson, Randy Dauphin, Stephen Utter, Will Lewis, Chris Roth, Barb Yantha, Mary Burden, Stephen Carr, Lisa Tomalty, Andrew McAlorum


  1. Introductions - Name, Department, Role
  2. Approval of minutes from last meeting
    1. Reminder re: Grouper. Sean Mason is happy to help you out
    2. ~900 users on 2FA, adoption has increased a lot 
  3. Anything to add to today's agenda?
  4. Various projects/initiatives/updates - Information Systems & Technology (IST) (Also see
    1. Exam Management System update-Akindi (Andrew M)
      1. Scantron replacement has been selected; product called Akindi. It's a cloud solution, working with Print and Retail solutions, faculty, etc. 
      2. Pilot to begin this term, with full implementation by Fall term
      3. Crowdmark was selected for long answer exam processing
      4. Odyssey is still the solution for exam management
    2. Office 365 ProPlus (desktop) update (Lisa T)
      1. Lisa's presentation: 
      2. Short term employees: Will casuals, contracts, etc get accounts? Yes 
      3. Do you still have to vpn in once a month to keep activation? No, as long as there is an internet connection, no need to do this
      4. Any additional information about how generic accounts will work? Not clear on the processes for this yet, more information to come
    3. Mysharepoint update (Stephen M)
      1. MySharePoint is associated with on campus sharepoint, and is our "Local" OneDrive
      2. There are 5000 active MySharePoint users, and about 1000 users have content, and only about 112 have any significant content (very lightly used) 
      3. It only provides 1GB of storage, which is very small comared to O365 OneDrive(5TB)
      4. We can put our SharePoint into Hybrid mode and get rid of MySharePoint
        1. All users will be emailed
        2. FACCUS will receive a copy of the email
        3. July 17th, the database will be put into read-only mode (so they can still access their content)
        4. MySharePoint is: OneDrive, Sites(bookmark tool for SharePoint), News Feed
        5. We will reccomend that they use the Sync feature to download from MySharePoint OneDrive to O365 OneDrive
      5. Service is lightly used, no repurcussions are expected
      6. Deadline to move content is October 1st
      7. What happens if you drop out / don't finish? (with regards to email / OneDrive / etc) *Matt Harford to inquire
    4. Employee pre-create assertion (Stephen M)
      1. The idea of pre-onboarding employees
      2. Advised method of adding new people to the university 
      3. Info that needs to be provided: Email account (For new accounts)
      4. Other uses: Users who are currently here (sessional instructors), whose contract has ended but still need to do work. Assertion (employee pre-create) can resolve this
      5. VPN: lose access when you are no longer an employee
      6. Collect all information / use cases / examples and compile to present
    5. Security updates (Ryan G)
      1. NetID and new guest wifi:
        1. NetID is to be shut off this weekend, there is a new guest wireless option 
        2. Another guest wireless option is coming through Canarie, but there is no other news at this time 
        3. Positive feedback / stories about the new guest Wi-Fi
      2. ISS App and the Compromised Search tool
        1. Used by Service Desks on campus to see why users have been locked. Anyone who has any administrative access in WatIAM are now able to sign into ISS-App 
        2. Some additional functionality is coming to this (and 2FA will be required)
        3. Work has been ongoing with the connect team to automatically unlimit their account in ISS App
        4. Switching from Shibboleth to ADFS 
        5. This allows people who don't have access to see the RT tickets to still resolve locked accounts tickets
  5. Retail Services - what's new (Randy D)
    1. The changes in our Brand and how it impacts the University.  Bye bye Retail Services - Book Store, Media.doc, Waterloo Store, etc ... Hello Print + Retail Solutions - W Store, W Store Essentials, W Print.

    2. We have migrated most of our eCommerce web site from a platform called Interchange to a platform called Magento.   The look and feel of the new site is much different.  We can talk about what has changed and our plans for the coming months.

    3. We have added a new Xerox colour press in out print facility as well as a finisher that cuts, perfs, folds, etc.  The group may be interested.

  6. FACCUS Campus IT - MS Team is now set up and ready for use
  7. Discussions: How labs are used for exams and how digital exams are handled
    1. Software to disable / enable switch ports (Arts + Engineering) 
    2. Using their own accounts 
    3. Learn Lock (allow access to Learn or certain websites, too)
    4. Multimedia lab in engineering is a registrar room (used by all of campus) used for exams 
  8. Faculty/area updates (all)
    1. Introductions for any new members
    2. Scott: Down to under 25 Windows 7 machines, migrated most servers over to IST hardware; (free) SAS installs in Arts: Licenses for the School of Accounting and Finance and the rest of Arts (up to 500 PC installs and 12 CPUs for VDI instances)
    3. Jon: NRC (New research group) will be working on campus 
    4. Bill: When hiring co-op students...did anyone use Plum? Was there a big drop-off in number of applicants? Daniel Allen may be able to add some more information here. Bill did recognize a drop-off
    5. Jennifer: SAS is coming - should be on the webstore pretty soon
    6. Cassie: AHS has a different agreement with SAS (AHS paid for server, licenses were free for teaching and learning). Working on deployment Win 10 1903, considering skipping the spring update and just doing the fall update. Considering creating an AHS champions group tom eet once a term (and via Teams) to transfer knowledge
    7. Randy: Angus will be attending these meetings, and will leading IS in Retail + Print Solutions
    8. Will: New version of MatLab up and running, new version of maple coming fairly soon. 
    9. Lawrence: Could CS sponsor its own MatterMost? What are other people using? 
      1. Andrew: If teams rely on MatterMost for a business need, individual licenses could be purchased
      2. Could we create a campus IT team? This could be created / something equivalent could be created
    10. Mary: Exploring some VR stuff, building a sandbox, projectors, physical space is being set up. Markos retirement party at 2pm at the gradhouse. Also in the middle of an IT Audit. 
    11. Steve Carr: Lots of work around accreditation (accrediation year for engineering)
  9. Reminder for future meetings - all are invited to present/report on new projects/initiatives in your areas
  10. Who to host next FACCUS meeting? (Engineering?)