May 31 2018 FACCUS meeting agenda


Location: LIB DC-1568


  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting

  2. Anything to add to today's agenda?
  3. Various projects/initiatives/updates - Information Systems & Technology (IST)
    1. WatIAM Q/A (Sean M and Peggy D)
    2. Overleaf update (LaTeX collaborative writing and publishing tool) (Steve C)
    3. SharePoint 2016 update and Q/A (Stephen M)
    4. WatVote update (Lisa T)
    5. Service Desk updates (Barb Y)
      1. Exam scanner at EC2 Service Desk
      2. Connect accounts for incoming Graduate students
      3. Software purchases for faculty
  4. July 11 lunch at bomber (Lisa T)
  5. Brainstorming - FACCUS purpose and activity (Lisa T)
    1. Current Benefits of FACCUS
    2. Ideas for future role/direction of FACCUS
  6. Faculty/area updates (all)
    1. Introductions for any new members
  7. Who to host next FACCUS meeting? (ACO)