May 31 2018 FACCUS meeting minutes

Minutes from FACCUS meeting May 31 2018

Location: LIB DC-1568



  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting-approved

  2. Anything to add to today's agenda?-nothing
  3. Various projects/initiatives/updates - Information Systems & Technology (IST)
    1. WatIAM Q/A (Sean M and Peggy D)
      1. Lots of good questions - Sean did a wonderful job of answering them.
    2. Overleaf update (LaTeX collaborative writing and publishing tool) (Steve C)
      1. Grad, Faculty and Staff will have access, working out details with Math regarding the PO for licence
    3. SharePoint 2016 update and Q/A (Stephen M)
      1. Happened over the weekend, a few issues mostly minor,  interface is slightly different
      2. Lawrence - editing a document can we not open it in Word? yes, in Office on line - may need to configure this to be the default for the sites
      3. Adam - online editor - realtime multi user?  yes
      4. Recommendation is to have the default set to Office on line for editing - you can always open with desktop Office if needed
      5. Prompting for password is still an issue especially on laptops - working on a solution
      6. pdf's opening in IE can be an issue, PDF should open in the pdf viewer - if issues, Stephen can help
      7. Overall a successful upgrade, will be a better user experience 
      8. workflows and connect issues - solved
    4. WatVote update (Lisa T)
      1. IST run votes - small change to how voter list is entered
    5. Service Desk updates (Barb Y)
      1. Exam scanner at EC2 Service Desk - new webform to book an appointment to have cards scanned
        1. week of August 13th service desk closes in EC2
      2. Connect accounts for incoming Graduate students
      3. Software purchases for faculty
        1. now via the webstore and Shopify
  4. July 11 lunch at bomber (Lisa T)
    1. let Lisa know if you will be attending and what you would like for lunch
  5. Brainstorming - FACCUS purpose and activity (Lisa T)
    1. Current Benefits of FACCUS
      1. Knowing what each are is working on, hearing if there are opportunities to build or partner on the work in these area's.
      2. Networking and knowing the experts in other area's on a personal level.  It's easier to reach out to someone when you know them on a personal level.
      3. Efficient way to spread information and share what is being done or what might impact other area's
      4. Exchange of information
      5. Early awareness of issues
      6. Avoiding silos
      7. Keeping connected
      8. Direct access to experts
      9. Afternoon snacks and coffee; socializing with your peers; networking
    2. Ideas for future role/direction of FACCUS
      1. Opportunities to collaborate and work together on things that impact multiple area's.
      2. Report on new projects
      3. Mattermost channel
      4. Informal communications for emerging issues
      5. Planning new initiatives
  6. Faculty/area updates (all)
    1. Introductions for any new members
    2. See below for all updates
  7. Who to host next FACCUS meeting? (ACO) - Scott said yes

Faculty/area updates:

  • ​Library - Adam - virtual desktops to all newly renovated areas - 70 staff onboarded so far - a few hiccups with applications but work arounds in place.  Hiring will happen to replace Wolf finally.
  • Eng - Steve - will try to bring another staff member onto this group.  Pat Matlock now in Engineering doing security related work
  • MFCF - Chris - nothing new, business as usual.  moving generic accounts from mailservices to connect soon, had a Math lunch and learn which was good
  • Retail Services/Print and Retail Solutions - Randy - new name Print and Retail Solutions - one brand for all branches, eAccess (current web interface where many departments submit print requests) is going away, and will be replaced with a new template based system
  • IST security - new tool for the service desk to find compromised accounts 
  • Science - Alan  nothing new still waiting for HR to hire new employee
  • Env - Jennifer - SAS renewal is delayed 
  • AHS - Cassie - nothing new
  • IST - Barb - already did her updates (above 3. e.)
  • IST-Arts - Will - usability on the webstore Will and Steve working together. Project intake to promote Bomgar for remote support.  Arts - will be using Signage working with Mirko and Troy; PAS updated new switch looking good, cabling all cleaned up.  
  • Arts - Scott - gearing up for faculty roll over about 60-80 machines, our PXE boot stopped working -may be a new router that is causing the issue- IST is investigating; upgrading teaching lab 42 stations plus podium workstation Arts owns, 40 Mac's in Stratford to be upgraded;
  • Psych - Bill - switches upgraded, clinic purchased a product to capture client videos -looking forward to an IST central solution
  • ENV - Mary - staff, faculty moving to paper cut for printing to get good reporting; Don is looking into Adobe CS replacement for a lab for the design courses at a reasonable price-She will keep others in the loop about this.  EV1 power scheduled to happen this summer again, people will be working from home or in another location during the switch over.  Had a robbery 5 machines from a lab.  
  • CSCF - Lawrence -  working on school administrator for lookup room assignments - looking at replacing Netapp, 120 incoming grads for the fall term, still working on exam management system moving to IST; separate network for Faculty 10G connection, looking for a lower end job description for IT 5-9 range; new items for the museum more than welcome.
  • Registrar's Office - Tom - nothing new other than the new service centre and related technology, construction to start this summer.
  • Science - Stephen - SharePoint already talked about it.  
  • St Jerome's -Ashish - moving payroll to a new  cloud solution