Environment: Environment 1 (EV1) - 221, 9:30-11:30am

  1. Approval of minutes

  2. Various projects/initiatives in Information Systems & Technology:

    • Administrative tools for diagnosing email issues that clients may be experiencing in Exchange (Trevor Bain)
    • After-hours help desk (Nitish Khiria)
      • activities summary
      • suggestions for more services
      • advertising (student newspapers (e.g. Imprint, Mathnews, Engnews, etc.) and in faculty service desks)
      • forwarding other help desk phones on weekends
    • Common branding for all IT Service Desk on campus (Cheryl Skingley and Nitish Khiria)
    • Request Tracker (RT) replacement investigation (Lisa Tomalty)
    • Bomgar update – any new features? (Will)
    • Campus wide IT project: investigating mass email solutions, Eric Bremner (Bob Hicks)
  3. "Acceptable Use Policies". What do people do about this for undergrad computing? (Trevor Grove)
    • central one: Guidelines on Use of Waterloo Computing and Network Resources
    • it seems like it should be supplemented (as in: "we must inform users") to avoid issues related to undergrads consuming lots of resources
  4. Enhancing Helpdesk effectiveness via remote collaboration – pilot to use MOVI (general discussion)
  5. Mandate for Faculty Computing User Support Group (FACCUS) – information exchange and/or project opportunities (e.g. Use of MOVI)
  6. How do various groups deal with tracking their computing equipment (for example, barcode equipment? (monitors, laptops, desktops, servers and printers), use databases for tracking equipment(tied into DNS?)?, ease of maintenance?
  7. Congress 2012 conference
    • additional helpdesk traffic and its side effects (moving classes, demand on IT infrastructure)
    • classes are being displaced, the wireless network may reach or exceed the extra capacity
    • people wandering around needing directions and possibly attempting to use facilities that may not be set up for their use (printing, copying, computer labs).
  8. Faculty/area updates