Arts: Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology (PAS) 2438, 1:30-3:00pm

  1. Approval of minutes

  2. Introduction to Dave Wallace (1:30-2:00)
    • New Strategic Plan initiative
  3. Various projects/initiatives in Information Systems & Technology (IST)
    • Nexus consolodation project update (Dave Hinton or Manfred?) (2-2:15)
    • Faculty Computing User Support Group (FACCUS) Helpdesk Initiatives Meeting (Lisa)(2:15)
      • Common branding for all IT help desks on campus (Cheryl Skingley)
      • Web site: (Cheryl Skingley)
      • Name badges (Cheryl Skingley)
    • Request Tracker (RT) replacement investigation update (Lisa)
    • Asset management (Bob/Lisa)
    • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices (Lisa/Peggy)
      • Nov 16 Friday morning seminar
    • uWaterloo Technical Support channel on youtube - volunteer? (Lisa)
  4. Faculty/area updates (all)