Oct 23 2018 FACCUS meeting agenda


Location: PAS 2030


  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting

  2. Anything to add to today's agenda?
  3. Various projects/initiatives/updates - Information Systems & Technology (IST)
    1. Also see https://uwaterloo.ca/information-systems-technology/about/projects
    2. 2FA update and web page (Andrew W, Jason T)
    3. iss-app and the compromised search tool (Ryan G)
    4. Overleaf update (LaTeX collaborative writing and publishing tool) (tentative) (Steve C)
    5. Windows 7 end of life, and updates (Stephen M)
      1. Ensure patches up to date

      2. Jan 14, 2020 end of life

    6. DeliverPoint (Stephen M)
    7. MS Teams update (Lisa T)
    8. personal.uwaterloo.ca update (Lisa T)
    9. RT updates (Lisa T)
    10. IST Networks group update (Lisa T)
    11. New Help & Support page (Lisa T)
    12. Email accounts when people leave UW (Lisa T)
      1. Undergrads

        1. Keep their O365 email accounts but lose features (details at https://uwaterloo.ca/information-systems-technology/services/microsoft-office-365-education/access-by-audience )

        2. If they don’t graduate they don’t keep their @edu

      2. Current Alumni are on one of three different mail platforms:

        1. Undergrads who graduated since we’ve moved to Office 365 will have an Office 365 email account (@edu).

        2. Undergrads who graduated prior to this will have mailservices (if they had that during school).

        3. Undergrads who graduated prior to mailservices may have no email account, but they can still use a mail forward to have “@uwaterloo.ca” mail delivery address, if they wish.

        4. Grad student alumni may have connect accounts, depending on when they graduated. Lisa is looking into more details for grad student accounts

      3. Graduate students

        1. Grad students have connect accounts. Lisa is looking into more details about graduate student accounts.

      4. Staff/faculty:

        1. https://uwaterloo.ca/information-systems-technology/services/faculty-and-staff-email/about-faculty-and-staff-email/status-changes-affecting-accounts

        2. If they leave before retirement they cannot keep their UW email (this is technically at the discretion of the department).

      5. Post docs 

        1. Currently manual sponsorships in WatIAM, to create. This may change in the future. Currently their email would stop working properly once they leave unless another assertion is made.

    13. Exchange/connect email limits and alternatives (Lisa T)

      1. Max number of messages a connect account can send within a 24 hour period is 1000. There are also other limits (see urls below)

      2. We recommend using a mailman mail list instead, using software such as GroupMail, or registering with our bulkmail server. Details are at:

        1. https://uwaterloo.ca/information-systems-technology/about/policies-standards-and-guidelines/email/sending-email-many-recipients-mass-email


    14. Reminder of change in Graduate Students status, as of Jan 1, 2019

      1. Graduate students not paid by Human Resources will no longer be included in the employee security group. All graduate students are in the IdM-SA-Graduate Studies security group.

      2. If you control access to a system(s) that includes graduate students, you may need to allow access to all grad students via this security group, instead of using the employee status.

  4. Should part-time employees who are also full-time ugrad students have their N: drive on fileu or on files? (Jennifer K)
  5. Follow up from May brainstorming (Lisa T)
    1. see https://uwaterloo.ca/faculty-computing-user-support-group/may-31-2018-faccus-meeting-minutes
    2. Discuss action planning for
      1. Opportunities to collaborate and work together on things that impact multiple area's.

      2. Report on new projects

      3. Mattermost channel (MS Teams instead...)

      4. Informal communications for emerging issues

      5. Planning new initiatives

  6. Faculty/area updates (all)
    1. Introductions for any new members
  7. Who to host next FACCUS meeting? (AHS?)