October 30 2019 FACCUS meeting agenda


Location: EIT 3142



  1. Introductions - Name, Department, Role
  2. Approval of minutes from last meeting
  3. Anything to add to today's agenda?
  4. Adaptive Technology Loan Library program (Joyce Barlow)
  5. Various projects/initiatives/updates - Information Systems & Technology (IST) (Also see https://uwaterloo.ca/information-systems-technology/about/projects)
    1. Office 365 Email Consultation (condensed) (Matt H and Lisa T)
    2. Office 365 ProPlus (desktop) update (Lisa T)
    3. SEW - ITPD (Lisa T)
      1. SEW program has been re-branded: https://uwaterloo.ca/information-systems-technology/services/it-professional-development-itpd-courses/it-professional-development-itpd-course-brochure
      2. Beginning the fall term, course participants will be charged $75 for each missed course unless 72 hours’ notice has been provided.(Follow the details below to drop your course.)

        1. Many courses have waiting lists, so dropping allows others to attend

      3. If at the last minute they can’t make the course, please email itpd@uwaterloo.ca

    4. What happen's to email accounts when people leave (Lisa T)
      1. Undergrads

        1. If they graduate and leave, they keep their O365 email accounts but lose features as license is reduced to A1 (details at https://uwaterloo.ca/informationsystems-technology/services/microsoft-office-365-education/access-by-audience )

        2. If they don’t graduate they don’t keep their @edu
      2. Current Alumni

        1. Current alumni are on one of three different mail platforms:
          • Undergrads wh graduated since we’ve moved to Office 365 will have an Office 365 email account (@edu).
          • Undergrads wh graduated prior to this will have mailservices (if they had that during school).
          • Undergrads wh graduated prior to mailservices may have no email account, but the may still use a mail forward to have “@uwaterloo.ca” mail delivery address, forwarded to an off campus email address
        2. Grad student alumni will have mailservices or connect email accounts, depending on when they graduated. They keep these accounts once they graduate.
      3. Graduate students

        1. Grad students have connect accounts, which they keep once they graduate.
        2. If a graduate student does not finish their grad program, their connect acct may be deleted at any time. There is not an automatic process to do this at the moment, but there have been clean ups done.
      4. Staff/faculty:

        1. https://uwaterloo.ca/informationsystems-technology/services/faculty-and-staff-email/about-faculty-and-staff-email/status-changes-affecting-accounts
        2. If they leave before retirement generally they do not keep their UW email (but this is technically at the discretion of the department).
      5. Post docs

        1. Manual sponsorships
    5.  Chatbot update (Matt H)
      1. What the Centre is using (https://thecentrebotdev.uwaterloo.ca/ )
      2. IST Service Desk plans

    6. Auto attentant system and menu update (Matt H)

      1. Changing greeting

      2. Auto attendant -key works

      3. Phone menu (in between auto attendant and operator)

      4. (all this is separate from voice mail changes)
    7. 2FA for generic accts – avail by request (Matt H)
      1. Available by request
      2. Offboarding generic accounts from 2FA
  6. Service Desks/Help Desks *Discuss having this as a new section of FACCUS meeting* (Matt H)
    1. Share what happening with SD/HDs on campus (IST and Faculties)
      1. common questions
      2. change in services provided, renos, location changes, etc.
      3. issues/concerns
      4. feedback/tips for questions about new services, or common issues
    2. Gage interest in a DP/Davis service desks tour
    3. IST can share any new/updated posters
    4. Discuss Branding so IT service desks look connected …
  7. Faculty/area updates (all)
  8. Reminder for future meetings - all are invited to present/report on new projects/initiatives in your areas
  9. Who to host next FACCUS meeting? (IST)