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Statement on Co-op Fee Increases from Students' Council

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 - 15:15

 Statement on Co-op Fee Increases from Federation of Students' Council

January 22, 2018
From: Federation of Students’ Council
To: University of Waterloo Undergraduate Students

Dear students,

The University of Waterloo’s Co-operative Education department (formerly CECA) has proposed a 2.8 per cent increase to the Co-op fee, to be voted on by the Board of Governors on February 6, 2018. This proposal has been a source of frustration to many students, including your representatives on Feds’ Students’ Council. 

Undergraduate students have made it clear that they are dissatisfied with this proposal. It was provided on short notice, with no consultation and little justification. Students have expressed that raising the Co-op fee without justification or appropriate consultation with student representatives is unacceptable for an organization funded by student fees. Additionally, many students report poor service experiences with Co-op, which raises the question about the value received for such a high fee. Students expect better transparency and better service from Co-op.

Student councillors, senators, and Feds executives continue to be concerned with improving Co-op. To this end, Feds is taking the following actions:

  • Students’ Council has formally expressed frustration with the University for attempting to increase fees in the midst of Feds’ and Co-op’s ‘deep dive’ into Co-op’s finances;
  • Students’ Council will request that the Provost implement a hiatus on any Co-op fee increases before the completion of the deep-dive;
  • Students’ Council and the Vice President, Education have called on Co-op to improve their transparency and dialogue with students before implementing future fee increases.
  • The Vice President, Education and the Co-op Affairs Commissioner continue to work alongside Co-op senior leadership and a Student Advisory Panel to move the co-op fee “deep dive” forward;
  • The Vice President, Education and the Co-op Affairs Commissioner will work together with Co-op and Vice Presidents of student societies to design a new fee approval process;
  • The Vice President, Education awaits the results of a petition that is currently circulating online, and will deliver it to the Board of Governors, Provost and Associate Provost, Co-operative and Experiential Education.

If you have any further concerns or questions regarding the proposed Co-op fee increase or Feds’ response, please contact

President, Antonio Brieva; VP Education, Andrew Clubine; Speaker, Elizabeth O'Sullivan; Deputy Speaker, Seneca Velling