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Reporting on Historical Data (pre-May 1, 2017)

As noted in the memo issued to campus on April 6, 2018, FORE was decommissioned as of 11:59pm on June 30th.  The University has archived the source financial data which will remain accessible for audit and legislative purposes.  Historical data in a limited number of report formats is available through MSBI.  This reporting tool is no longer updated with information past April 30, 2017. 

Note that Detailed Salary and Scholarship reports beginning May 1, 2017 can be viewed using HR's new Detailed Salary Reporting Tool.

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Historical Financial reporting users must be connected to the University network or via the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to access the reports.   Log in with your Nexus credentials and select the Finance EBS Reports folder. You must be a Unit4 user with reporting access to access the folder and reports.

Basic Functionality

A more detailed report instruction document can be found on SharePoint.

After logging on, the Finance EBS Reports folder may be found under the home folder depending on the access you have been granted. (You may have to click on Browse to go to home in case favourites have been setup)

MSBI Report Folder

Click on the folder to access reports shown in the screenshot below.

MSBI Reports AvailableMSBI Report Actions

NOTE: Since no new data is being added to the database (this is only historical data), selections such as Subscribe, View history snapshots, and Manage are not useful.

Running Reports

All the report data, filtering and filter parameters are automatically adjusted based on your access level. See the instruction document on SharePoint for more detailed information on the purpose, parameters, result set, and format of each available report.

In general:

  • Click on a report
  • Select filter parameters for setting up reporting criteria:
    • Checkbox in the drop down allows multiple values to be selected (multi-select)
    • Dropdowns without a checkbox are single select only
    • Text boxes allow any text or numbers to be entered
  • Click on ‘View Report’.


The University community can request support for the Historical Financial Reporting by emailing: