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Request FORE Access

Authorization for new users must be submitted using this form to ensure that all required information is provided. 

Access for funds 100, 101,103 & 106 must be submitted by the Department Head, Administrative Assistant, Faculty Financial Officer, or Faculty Executive Officer who has authorization on the account to which access is being granted.

  • NOTE:  Security for these funds is usually restricted at the org unit level and including all funds. When requesting access, please specify the org unit or range of org units required. For further information regarding security by account segment, please contact Doug McTavish.

Access for fund 105 must be submitted by the Principal Investigator (PI).  Principal Investigators are automatically given access to their own research projects and do not need to request access.

  • NOTE:  Access to Research accounts is based on PI and will include all grants projects belonging to a PI.

Required information:

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Submitter must have authorization on the account.
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