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Maintenance for Unit4 Login Format Change - End of Day November 23rd

Due to improvements in the single sign-on service, the "nexus" portion of Unit4 logins will no longer be necessary after November 23rd.

To access Unit4, your login will change to simply use your watiam-based email as follows:

Any login formats using "nexus" will no longer be valid after the update.

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Capital and Non-Capital Assets

Please refer to the following procedures for specific guidance related to the accounting for capital and non-capital assets and their disposal and/or removal from campus:

These procedures are a supplement to the University’s Policy 74 - Capital and Non-Capital Assets, provides general requirements for safeguarding assets through the implementation and maintenance of loss prevention practices by all departments.  The procedures listed above are meant to be reviewed in conjunction with this policy.

For more information please contact:

To request financing for a capital asset or renovation purchase over $100,000, please complete the following form.