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Financial Systems

The Financial Systems group within Finance is responsible for the strategic direction of the University’s financial and finance-related systems.  Financial Systems is responsible for optimizing the enterprise-wide financial and student accounts receivable systems, the configuration of and access to such systems and for the effective and efficient system-based processes to ensure accounting and reporting needs are met.

Financial Systems staff participate in projects related to new or existing financial or finance-related systems.  They work together with functional groups in the University community throughout the project lifecycle to ensure system configuration optimizes and secures the financial system and to integrate departmental systems with the university-wide financial system.  The group is responsible for managing financial systems administration and access.

The University’s financial control framework is based on several foundational elements including the proper segregation of duties, formal levels of authority, appropriate documentation, access controls, etc.  Specifically, access control to the University’s financial systems is limited to University employees who have the proper training, the delegated authority, and the corresponding employment responsibility to meet their fiduciary obligations to the institution.  In this context, employees includes individuals with an ongoing, regular employment relationship with the University.  By limiting system access in this manner, the University significantly reduces the risk that members of the University community or the general public misinterpret the authority of individuals entrusted to access our systems.

For more information please contact:

  • Associate Director, Financial Systems - Corrine Krauss (Acting)
  • Business/Systems Analysts - Amelia Leschuk, Jonathan Fischbach, Lily Hua
  • Systems Administrator – Jeff Lappin
  • Financial Systems Specialist - Adrian Ashabi
  • Financial Systems Analyst - Brittney Howard