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Unit4 is the University's new Financial System

NOTE: Emails for tasks and delivered reports from the system will come from  This is not SPAM.  Please do not reply to this email address.


Password: your watiam password

*watiam is limited to a maximum of 8 characters

Note: As previously announced, the Account Lookup Tool has been deprecated as of December 31, 2017.  Over the months since we went live with Unit4, it has become more and more out of date.  It was intended only as a transitional tool.

If you are looking for a specific work order in the system, the available enquiries can provide this info. In particular, the Eligible Activities per Work Order enquiry can be used to search for org unit number or partial word search in the work order name (remember to use the wildcard *).


Note: Employees will not automatically be set up as Users in the system.  A request must be submitted to add the User to the system and provide the necessary access.