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Maintenance for Unit4 Login Format Change - End of Day November 23rd

Due to improvements in the single sign-on service, the "nexus" portion of Unit4 logins will no longer be necessary after November 23rd.

To access Unit4, your login will change to simply use your watiam-based email as follows:

Any login formats using "nexus" will no longer be valid after the update.

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Programs and Coverage

The University of Waterloo has a broad insurance program that covers all University property against accidental loss or damage, and provides protection to all members of the University against third party liability claims arising from University related activities. The insurance program is administered by the Finance department.

All property, general liability and remaining commercial insurance policy inquiries can be directed to Jamie Mahony.

The insurance program pertaining to employee benefits, e.g. life insurance and health, is handled by Human Resources.

International students requiring information about UHIP coverage should contact Student Financial Services, Finance.



What are the University of Waterloo vendor insurance coverage requirements?

University of Waterloo vendors should be providing a general liability certificate of insurance with at least a $2,000,000.00 per occurrence limit, including the University of Waterloo as an additional insured.  Vendors should also be providing an owned and/or non-owned automobile certificate(s) of insurance with at least a $2,000,000.00 per occurrence limit, for any vehicles being driven onto University of Waterloo property.  Any questions or concerns regarding the general liability or automobile University of Waterloo insurance coverage requirements can be directed to Jamie Mahony.