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First Round of Financial Reporting Available in Unit4

Friday, October 6, 2017

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To:                  Individuals with Reporting Access in Unit4

From:            Finance

Date:              October 6, 2017

Subject:        First Round of Financial Reporting Available in Unit4

What is happening?

The first Operating Fund and Research Fund month end delivered reports have now been issued from the Unit4 financial system.  These reports have been delivered to the Dean/Chair/Director/Department Head ultimately responsible for the operating funds and to the Principal Investigator for research funds.  Reports for the remaining Funds are still under development.

What does this mean to me?

Concurrent with the delivery of the September month end reports, a number of enquiries have also been made available that can provide similar, ad-hoc versions of this information or detailed subsets of this information.

Actual transaction detail information is also available via enquiry for non-operating/research funds.  Budget transaction detail information is available via enquiry for Ancillary Funds.

As an individual set up with reporting access in the Unit4 system, you have access to the available enquiries.  Your position in the reporting access hierarchy determines the types of information you can view.

These enquiries are a work in progress and we expect that they will evolve over time.

What if I have questions?

A separate document has been prepared outlining the delivered reports and ad hoc enquiries available, what each contains, and how/where they can be accessed.

We have also set up a number of open house information sessions to outline the different reports and enquiries that are available:

  • Tuesday October 10th, 2-3pm, Enterprise Theatre (EC5 1111)
  • Thursday October 12th, 10-11am, Enterprise Theatre (EC5 1111)
  • Monday October 16th, 2-3pm, Enterprise Theatre (EC5 1111)

There is also a new RT queue set up for Unit4:

  1. 2019 (2)
    1. February (1)
    2. January (1)
  2. 2018 (5)
    1. December (1)
    2. November (2)
    3. April (1)
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  3. 2017 (12)
    1. October (1)
    2. September (1)
    3. August (1)
    4. June (1)
    5. April (3)
    6. March (2)
    7. February (2)
    8. January (1)
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