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Unit4 Reporting Update - In Stage 2

Friday, August 25, 2017

In the memo issued back in late June, it was noted that there would be several steps to go through to enable the deployment of reporting.

The first step, finalization of the year end financial statements and audit, has been completed.  Those figures are now being used in the second step, which is the mapping of those final balances into entries to migrate them into Unit4.

Once the balances are populated, testing will be completed to ensure that all of the relevant figures are being reported accurately and in accordance with the defined data control reporting access structure.

We recognize that the delayed release of reporting is not ideal, but these steps are necessary to ensure that complete and accurate reporting is delivered to the University community. 

Until formal reporting is deployed, there are a number of enquiries on the Procurement side to help provide information on actual purchase transactions.  In particular, the Workflow Enquiry and Workflow User Log for Requisitions and the Workflow User Log for Incoming Invoices, can identify items that a particular user has requisitioned, approved, or coded and contains a field indicating the work order charged.  In some cases, i.e. Research, this information would need to be paired with the final balances for April 2017, which are still available in FORE.

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