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Senior's Bursary

Senior's Bursary

The senior's bursary is available to students age 65 or older on the first day of term.  The bursary amount will appear as Anticipated Aid on your student account in Quest about two business days after you enroll.  Students are responsible for all other fees associated with the course. 

To deduct the amount of the bursary from the total you need to pay by the due date, you need to submit the Promissory Note. You need to include proof of payment of any incidental fees charged to your account because the bursary only covers the tuition charge.

The senior's bursary will be applied to your student account balance during the second month of term, provided you are Fees Arranged.

Paying your Tuition?

The quickest and cheapest way to make a domestic bank payment is with an online banking bill payment using your student number.  If that isn’t possible, we can also accept a certified cheque, money order, or bank draft from a Canadian bank.

To make an international tuition payment, use our GlobalPay for Students service.  The service is convenient, cheaper than a traditional wire transfer, and posts quickly to your student account.  You can also pay in the currency of your choice and get a competitive exchange rate.

Don’t forget to check the date tuition is due to avoid late fees and account holds.