• Employees who have full employee benefits or are receiving a University of Waterloo pension are eligible to submit a tuition benefit application for themselves or their children.
  • To qualify for the benefit for a specific term, the staff or faculty member must be a uWaterloo employee on the first day of term and remain an employee during the first three weeks of that term.
  • If you are not employed by the university but your parent is, your parent needs to submit this form--not you. 
  • If you are employed as a TA, RA, Co-op student or on contract, your employment is not eligible for the tuition benefit.
  • Your estimated tuition benefit amount will appear as Anticipated Aid on your student account in Quest two business days after the employee submits the tuition benefit form.  If your tuition benefit amount is not displayed as Anticipated Aid when you go to submit the Promissory Note, you can upload a screenshot of the tuition benefit application confirmation page in Step 4 of the Promissory Note process.

To claim the tuition benefit amount:

1. The employee (faculty or staff member with employee benefits or receiving a University of Waterloo pension) must complete this form on behalf of the student (the student is either the employee or the employee's child) and push the SUBMIT button on the form.  If you and your child will both be students this term, you need to complete and submit a form for each student.

2. Students who are staff/faculty members, may claim a tuition benefit amount equal to 100% (or other % based on workload and approved by Human Resources, subject to the terms of Policy 4) of the TUITION FEE ONLY for a maximum of two .5-credit courses or a part-time graduate at the domestic rate, per term. To request the benefit for a higher course load, your department administrative officer &/or manager will need to provide Student Financial Services with approval for the exception.

3. Students who are children of a staff/faculty member, may claim a tuition benefit amount equal to 50% (or other % based on workload and approved by Human Resources, subject to the terms of Policy 24) of fees for TUITION, CO-OP FEE AND WORK REPORT MARKING FEE ONLY at the domestic rate. 

4. You can request the tuition benefit for the current term and the two terms preceding the current term only, if you have not already submitted a Tuition Benefit Application for those terms. You need to submit a separate application for each term.

5. If you apply for the tuition benefit, DO NOT pay the fees in full by the due date.

  • Deduct the amount of the tuition benefit from the balance owing for the term and simply pay the difference not covered by the benefit amount.
  • The student (you or your child) needs to ALSO submit the Promissory Note found in the Finances section of Student Centre on Quest. During the Promissory Note submission process, the student (you or your child) will also need to include proof of a completed bank payment or additional financial aid to cover all other fees charged to the student account.
  • NOTE: To submit the Promissory Note before the tuition benefit amount is showing as Anticipated Aid on Quest, you need to upload a screenshot of the confirmation e-mail you receive after submitting this Tuition Benefit Application, in Step 4 of the Promissory Note process.

6. The amount of the approved tuition benefit will be applied to the student account on Quest at the end of the second month of term.

Paying your Tuition?

If you have an account at a bank in Canada, the best way to pay your student fees is by bank payment.  If that isn’t possible, we can also accept a certified cheque, money order, or bank draft from a Canadian bank.

To make an international tuition payment, use one of our approved international payment options. These services are convenient, cheaper than a traditional wire transfer, and post quickly to your student account.  You can also pay in the currency of your choice and get a competitive exchange rate.

Don’t forget to check the date tuition is due to avoid late fees and account holds.