In-person Finance operations are suspended until further notice. For information about student-related topics, please contact The Centre.  For Faculty or Staff related enquiries,  Finance service modifications are available on the Finance Resources COVID-19 website or you can visit our Contact Us page.

Get your student refunds faster!

Effective Fall 2019, refunds from your student account will be processed electronically by direct deposit to your account at a Canadian bank:

  • financial aid, scholarships, awards, bursaries, GRS, tuition benefit 

  • overpayments resulting from dropping courses, switching programs or changing residence/meal plan

Direct deposit is secure, convenient and fast.

Note: we can only make deposits into the specified Canadian bank account; we cannot transfer funds from your bank account to your student account.

What does this mean to you?

  • If you are a student, follow the step-by-step instructions to add or update your banking information.

  • If you are a student and a uWaterloo employee, or a grad student working as an RA or TA, you will need to add your Canadian banking information in both Workday and Quest to enable direct deposit for both employment earnings and other student-related payments.

  • For security reasons, you may be prompted to Two-Factor Authenticate (2FA) before you log in to Quest to enter banking information. For instructions on how to set up 2FA on your mobile device, please see IST's 2FA website.

  • We will hold your refunds on your student account until you add your Canadian banking information on Quest. If additional charges appear on your student account before you have provided banking information, your refund will be automatically applied to those charges.

  • If you no longer have access to add banking information on Quest because you have withdrawn or completed your program, please contact Student Financial Services to arrange your refund.

  • By adding your banking information, you are agreeing to allow the University of Waterloo’s Finance department to deposit student refunds directly into your specified Canadian bank account.

  • Adding your banking information on Quest is only to facilitate refunds from your Quest account. You cannot make an online bank payment to your student account from Quest.

Be sure to update your mailing address on Quest to an address in Canada or the USA where we can reach you during the term.

The bank data being requested is processed under the authority of and in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the University of Waterloo Act (1972), as well as University policy and guidelines for the purpose of issuing student account refunds and reimbursements. Questions or concerns about the processing of financial information by the University should be directed to Student Financial Services. General questions about privacy at the University of Waterloo should be directed to the University‘s Privacy Officer.  


If you have any questions or concerns about how you will be refunded, please contact Student Financial Services.

Paying your Tuition?

If you have an account at a bank in Canada, the best way to pay your student fees is by bank payment.  If that isn’t possible, we can also accept a certified cheque, money order, or bank draft from a Canadian bank.

To make an international tuition payment, use one of our approved international payment options. These services are convenient, cheaper than a traditional wire transfer, and post quickly to your student account.  You can also pay in the currency of your choice and get a competitive exchange rate.

Don’t forget to check the date tuition is due to avoid late fees and account holds.