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Third-Party Sponsorship

Arranging your fees with a third-party sponsorship

  • To arrange your fees with a uWaterloo-approved third-party sponsorship, you must submit the Promissory Note along with a letter from your sponsoring agency on their letterhead, ensuring that all of the following information is included:
    • Information about the student
      Waterloo ID #
    • Information about the sponsor
      Name of organization
      Billing address
      Contact name
      Contact phone #
      Contact e-mail address
      Contact fax #
    • Information about the funding
      Effective date of funding
      Expire date of funding
      Specific exclusions to funding:
      List of fees not covered by sponsor which are, therefore, the responsibility of the student
      NOTE: minimum funding commitment must be two years for Masters level students and four years for Doctoral students.
  • If your sponsoring agency does not cover all the charges to your student account, you must submit proof that you have made a payment for the fees your sponsor will not cover, when you submit your Promissory Note. This is usually the amount for the health & dental insurance included in either the FEDS Administered Fees or the GSA Administered Fees, but may include other charges as well (for example, residence, late fees still owing from a prior term, charges for repeated courses or charges that exceed the maximum billable amount for the term, etc.)  Check your sponsorship funding agreement or e-mail directly to confirm the fees your sponsor will not cover.
  • If you have become Fees Arranged as a sponsored student, we will post a "Billed to Third Party" payment on your student account after the start of term. This represents the amount we expect to bill to your sponsor. We send our University of Waterloo invoices to sponsors at the end of the second month each term, after the 50% refund deadline. If the sponsor's invoices remain outstanding for two terms, a Fees Owing hold will be placed on your student account and you will not be allowed to register as a sponsored student until the sponsor's account with University of Waterloo is back in good standing.
  • To determine if your funding agency qualifies as a uWaterloo-approved third-party sponsorship, please contact our office.