Portfolio review

First year drawings

Examples of first year drawing assignments.

The portfolio review occurs toward the end of the FINE 100 (Studio Fundamentals) and is based on assignments from the course. This ensures that students are evaluated on the same parameters.  The FINE 100 instructors will provide details about the portfolio content and process.

The portfolio review is considered a Milestone, and successful completion is required for all students wanting to major or minor in Fine Arts Studio practice.


The University of Waterloo does not have a portfolio review requirement for admission into year 1 of the Faculty of Arts or for enrollment in the foundation studio course (FINE 100). However, all students must successfully pass a Portfolio Review as part of admission to the Studio majors or minor for year 2. The Portfolio Review occurs toward the end of the first term of study and is based entirely upon work created during FINE 100. This process ensures:

  • students have had the opportunity to become immersed in a university studio environment thus they can make a more informed choice about their academic career.
  • all students are evaluated on the same basis and, as such, is more fair than a pre-university admission portfolio.

    Typically the success rate of the Portfolio Review is very high because students have made a commitment to pursue the program by performing well in FINE 100 and in choosing to submit a portfolio.

Transfer Students

Submission of a portfolio is required as part of the evaluation of transfer credits for student seeking advance placement. The contents of the portfolio is not set but usually consists of drawing, painting, print, digital imagery, and sculpture. A portfolio of original work (as opposed to digital reproductions of original work) is required.