Team Information

Welcome to the Waterloo District — Canada's longest-running FIRSTRobotics Competition event. In addition to the information on this page, teams should familiarize themselves with the visitor information, particularly if this is their first year attending the event.

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Arial view of all the teams working on their robots


The Planning Committee can be contacted at This is monitored year-round, and teams should expect a response within 24 hours. An emergency number for the Chair will be provided to registered teams in an email prior to the event.


The Waterloo District event is hosted at the University of Waterloo's Physical Activities Complex (PAC) in Waterloo, Ontario. The campus is located at 200 University Ave West. The campus is encircled by Ring Road, with Columbia St to the north and University Ave to its south.

Load-in and load out

This section outlines load-in and load-out procedures. A load-in map is shown at the end of this section. Teams can begin to unload from 2 pm on Thursday.

Robot, wheeled crates, and other heavy items

  • The PAC main floor — where the pits and field are located — is accessible from a set of double doors on one end of the gym. These doors can be accessed from the small PAC parking lot.
  • Queue on Ring Road and wait for access to the small parking lot. Follow the instructions of University Police and Parking Services at all times.
  • Once granted access to the small PAC parking lot, follow instructions from FIRST load-in coordinators on where to park.
  • Designate five people (one person must be an adult mentor) to carry items into the pits. Teams should have other people helping to unload the vehicle to expedite the unloading process. Teams should leave their the small PAC parking lot within 10-15 minutes of arriving to make room for other teams.

Small items

  • For items that can be easily carried by hand, go to Lot M and idle in the parking lot near the staircase to Blue North. Vehicles cannot be left unattended without purchasing a parking pass for Lot M.
  • Carry items in through the Blue North doors, then enter into the PAC main floor through Blue South.


  • Park trailers at the edge of Lot X. Note that trailers parked in Lot M may be ticketed or towed.

Load-in Restrictions

  • Teams are not permitted access to the robot drop-off area between 4 and 6 pm.
  • Teams will have one hour from the time that they check-in and begin unloading to set up their pits. Pits open at 5 pm.
  • Under no circumstances will any team be let into the PAC earlier than 2 pm. Teams which arrive earlier than 2 pm must wait outside the PAC.
  • Teams must not unload on Ring Road. Wait until access is granted to the small parking lot by Parking Services.

International teams shipping their robot to the event must contact the Planning Committee for more information.

Machine Shop

Some tools will be available to teams to use; more information to come at a later date. Teams are reminded that they are responsible for their own materials for use in the shop.

Waterloo has many hardware stores, including Canadian Tire, Home Depot, and Lowe's, within a 10 minute drive of the venue.