6 Meals for $6.00 or less!

We have compiled a list of all our favourite meals for UNDER $6! When in a crunch for time and money – don’t fret –  we’ve done the research.  These tasty and dietitian approved lunch options are available at a variety of locations across campus, so it’s easy find affordable food on the go.  

subway sandwich

The criteria:  $6 or less + delicious + something that will keep you full until your next meal!

  1. LENTIL SOUP ($3.99) + A FRUIT ($1.00) + A PITA ($0.69) @ South Side Marketplace: This delectable vegetarian meal is perfect for someone on the run! This option is self-serve – so it is VERY good when you need something speedy & flavourful. BONUS! Lentil are a great high fibre and filling protein choice to give you that long lasting energy all afternoon.  
  2. SMALL CHILI WITH A BUN ($4.69) @ Tim Hortons (SLC & SCH):  At this price, this is a steal. Our most inexpensive option of them all.  This chili includes a delightful variety of ingredients: ground beef, kidney beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, onions and celery, YUM! You can even ask for a WW bun and round out this meal by grabbing a piece of fruit on your way to class for a dietitian approved option that’s sure to warm you up on a cold day.
  3. BAGEL MELT ($4.79) @ ML Diner, East End Café & CEIT Café: Breakfast all day? I think so! This bagel comes with an egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato and your choice of bacon or sausage. SO good. Plus add a whole fruit for $1 and STILL keep your bill under $6.  This one seems like a no brainer!
  4. GRILLED CHEESE WITH BACON OR HAM ($5.69) @ Tim Hortons EC5, CEIT Café or ML Diner: This classic comfort food is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.  It is also an ideal meal on the run, no utensils needed and freshly grilled to perfection when you order. 
  5. VEGGIE PIZZA ($3.99) + SMALL SKIM MILK ($1.89) @ Brubakers Kitchen, CEIT Café and LA Café: You don’t have to wait until Friday night to beat that pizza craving, AND you can still pack in a serving of veggies without breaking the bank!
  6. SUBWAY classic 6 inch sandwich ($5.99): There is a great variety of these – so you really should be able to find a sub you love. These scrumptious sandwiches can accommodate vegans too – hurray! Our Dietitian recommends a veggie loaded tuna or egg salad on whole wheat to get a well-balanced meal. 

PS- you can order Subway on our mobile app which is a HUGE time saver (search ‘UW Food Services’ in the app store)

Looking for some more plant based options? We’ve got you covered!
  1. AVOCADO TOAST ($5.99) @ Brubakers Kitchen – these toasts are loaded with delicious toppings – avocado, grape tomatoes and basil vinaigrette or jackfruit salad and chickpeas.  The toasts rotate daily, but there’s always a plant based option available.
  2. VEGAN SUSHI ROLL ($6.00) @ multiple locations: This roll is jam packed with cucumber, avocado, carrot, mango and Inari (deep fried tofu)! Not only is it sushi, which is so tasty, but it’s also mega filling! Win, win! 

Psst. Have you heard about our $5.00 Meal Deals on campus?  We feature a different meal for only $5.00 at a different location every day of the week! 

$5 meal deal poster

Stay tuned, next month we’ll tell you about all the affordable breakfast options on campus!