Event Food Safety

Campus Food Events
Safe Food Handling Guidelines

*This information was taken directly from Occupational Health

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that all food being served on campus is safe, and adheres to the guidelines and recommendations of Region of Waterloo Public Health (ROWPH). These guidelines pertain to events such as charity fundraising, retirements, showers and staff recognition events. They include but are not limited to, bake sales, barbeques, potlucks, etc.


Any campus organization wishing to host an event where food (not catered by Catering & Event Services- University of Waterloo) is to be served, is required to notify ROWPH using this site thirty (30) days prior to the planned event. Depending on the type of food being served, the host may be directed to ROWPH to apply for a permit.

Occupational Health reserves the right to contact the ROWPH to request an inspection of any such food event on campus.

All host organizations must comply with the ROWPH standards for food handling, temperature control, hand washing and facility sanitation. Guidelines and proper internal cooking temperatures are available at Region of Waterloo Public Health Food Safety.

For more information and for food vendor applications, please visit the Occupational Health page