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Nutrition Information for UW Food Services Foods

Want to know the nutrition and/or ingredient information for a menu item shown on our weekly menu? It's easy - just click on the menu item and the info will pop-up.

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Want to know the nutritional values of the meal you just ate? Please browse our nutritional information databaseWaterloo student planning his meal with the nutritional information database using his laptop.

Nutrient Analysis and Nutritional Tips

Providing nutritious meals and foods to maintain a balanced diet are important to UW Food Services. If you have questions about our menu and nutritional information, please don't hesitate to contact us by email

Our Registered Dietitian can help you make good choices consistent with your lifestyle and level of activity. UW Food Services subscribes to Canada’s Food Guide, which recommends that everyone enjoy a variety of food every day.

Students with special dietary needs should speak to one of our chefs to make sure their needs are met as effectively as possible. We welcome your favourite recipe from home, especially those for vegetarian and ethnic dishes. Bring your recipe to a unit chef and we'll try to use it!

nutritional information

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