COVID-19 Resources

We've listed some key resources to help you navigate food and nutrition during COVID-19 as we know things are not normal.  Below are links to help with a ton of different aspects of shopping, washing your food, cooking, eating and more.  



Balanced Meals & Snacks

Balanced Eating - This pages helps you understand what a balanced plate looks like and how you can achieve it while still eating your favourite foods! 

Smart Snacking - We all get those snack cravings, but what do you eat? We're help to help.  Check out some suggestions and how to create your own smart and simple snacks! 

Canada’s Food Guide - Released in 2019, the new Canada Food Guide promotes balanced eating and more plant based proteins.  Read more about it here! 

Meal Planning & Shopping

Kitchen and Grocery Resources - We've created a resource page for you with everything you would need to prepare for grocery shopping, meal planning and how to measure, cook and preapre safely! 

What staples to keep in your kitchen - There's are the staples we think you should keep in your pantry, fridge and freezer to make sure you've got sufficient foods for preparing delicious meals! 

Food Safety

Health Canada COVID-19 Food Safety - Made by the Government of Canada - some tips on how to maintain the safest food practices including: safe grocery shopping, safe food washing, and safe food delivery 

Unlock Food Tips for Washing Produce - Everyday tips for washing produce - so helpful! 

Food Storage

Kitchen and Food Tools - Our tips on how to best store and preapre your foods. 

Health Canada Safe Food Storage  - This helps you know the best temperatures to store all your foods to prevent contimination 

Unlock Food - Safe Storage - How to keep your food fresh as long as possible! 

Recipes & Cooking Tips

Easy Meal Demos - Here are a few quick videos on how to make simple recipes with minimal equipment! 

Food Services Recipes - We are constantly updating our recipes here, most are 5 ingredients or less and are super simple to make with lots of options to swap if you're missing an ingredient. 

UWFS Baking & Cooking Swaps (Instagram) - Run out of eggs? We have offered a few recipe swaps! 

Mindful Eating

Canada’s Food Guide Mindful Eating - Ever wonder about mindful eating and what it means? This page helps break down what mindful eating is and how you can do it for yourself. 

Mindful Eating Blog - Registered Dietitian Nicole breaks down mindful eating for you! 

Craving Swaps Blog - Craving a big bag of chips? We have the solution for you, check out our blog post for some simple swaps for the less nutritious snacks. 

Affordable Food 

Shopping on a Budget - We've laid out some simple ways to ensure you keep your grocery bill down while still getting all the food you'll need! 

Region of Waterloo Affordable Food - Find access to affordable food in the Waterloo Region here 

WUSA Food Bank - WUSA has a food bank for students who are in need of supplies 

If you didn't find the information you were looking for, please contact us!