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Taking up the challenges of the 21st century through Graduate Studies in French

The Department of French Studies offers you the possibility to live and work in French within an institution attuned to new social and cultural challenges of the Canadian mosaic. If teaching excellence is part and parcel of a long-lasting tradition at Waterloo, the training of emerging scholars and the development of innovative research programs constitute the cornerstone of our growth. 

We encourage you to take a few minutes to browse through our website. Here, you will find useful information, including:

Our Graduate Student Handbook is also a great resource full of useful information.

We encourage you to join us in all of the Department’s research and cultural activities, which you can read more about below.


Life in our department

Les café-rencontres : a lecture series planned monthly from September to April. The series includes presenters and writers from many francophone horizons. The “café-rencontre” in April is dedicated to the work of graduate students.

Symposia: The Department organizes an international symposium every two years. Students are invited to participate.

International exchange programs: Each year, we welcome a student from the Université de Nantes. Our students are also encouraged to spend part of their studies in Nantes. Applications are normally due in early December. Please consult the Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, if you are interested in participating in this program.

Workshops: Professional development workshops are offered throughout the year in the Department, at the Centre for Teaching Excellence and the Centre for Career Action.

Research: The professors in our department are involved in various research projects. Internal and external funding is available for creating dynamic research teams. 

We hope your experience in our department is filled with the love of learning and communicating, with intellectual effervescence and with the passion for French language and culture that we all share.

Graduate student life at Waterloo