Loula Abd-elrazak.

Loula Abd-elrazak

Assistant Professor

519-888-4567 x37707
Office: ML 329

BA, MA, (Université de Montréal), PhD, (Université d’Ottawa)

Loula Abd-elrazak was awarded a PhD in French literature from the University of Ottawa. Her thesis subject was : « Critical Edition of French Manuscript 9198 : La Vie et Miracles de Nostre-Dame de Jehan Miélot ».


Tara Collington


519-888-4567 x36123
Office: ML 334B

Ph.D. French, University of Toronto, 2000 M.A., French Literature, McMaster University, 1992 Honours B.A., English and French, McMaster University, 1991


Catherine Dubeau

Associate Professor

519-888-4567 x35499
Office: ML 341

B.A. Littératures française et québécoise, Université Laval, 2000 M.A. Études littéraires, Université Laval, 2002 PhD Études littéraires, Université Laval, 2007


Valérie Dusaillant-Fernandes

Assistant Professor | Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies
519-888-4567 x31140 Office: ML 342   D.E.U.G (Lettres, Arts, Expression et Communication), Université Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3, 1988 M.A. French Studies, University of Waterloo, 2004 PhD French Studies, University of Toronto, 2010

Hannah Fournier

Hannah Fournier

Distinguished Professor Emerita

BA (Toronto), MA, PhD (Western)

Professor Hannah Fournier is a specialist in 16th-century Renaissance and Reformation literature and in the history of French Women Writers, with a particular interest in Marie de Gournay and Marguerite de Navarre.


Nicolas Gauthier

Associate Professor

519-888-4567 x32773
Office: ML 332A

Post-Doctorate Fellowship, University of Calgary, 2011-2012 Ph.D. French Studies, University of Montreal and University Stendhal – Grenoble 3 (France), 2011 Foreign Scientific Boarder at the École Normale Supérieure – Lettres et Sciences Humaines (Lyon, France), 2006-2007 M.A. French Studies, University of Montreal, 2004 B.A. French Studies, University of Montreal, 2002


Svetlana Kaminskaïa

Associate Professor

519-888-4567 x32465
Office: ML 337

B.A. (Hons) French Studies, Minsk State Linguistic University (Belarus), 1997 M.A. French Studies, Minsk State Linguistic University (Belarus), 1998 M.A. French Studies, The University of Western Ontario (Western University), 1999 PhD French Studies, The University of Western Ontario (Western University), 2006

Mikalai Kliashchuk

Mikalai Kliashchuk


519-888-4567 x32426
Office: ML 327

BA (Minsk), MA (Minsk), MA (Western University)

Mikalai Kliashchuk is a specialist in linguistics with a specialisation in syntax. He obtained his Master’s degree in French at the University of Western Ontario and he is currently finishing his PhD dissertation focusing on the syntax and semantics of interrogative constructions.

Kerry Lappin-Fortin

Kerry Lappin-Fortin

Associate Professor

519-884-8110 x28278
Office: STJ 3010A
STJ Website

BA (York-Glendon), MA (Toronto), PhD (Montréal)

Kerry Lappin-Fortin is Associate Professor of French “across the creek” at St. Jerome’s. She has many years of experience teaching both French and English as second languages, and has taught numerous courses in linguistics and translation.

Élise Lepage

Élise Lepage

Associate Professor | Associate Chair, Graduate Studies

519-888-4567 x33593
Office: ML 330

Licence Lettres modernes - Littérature générale et comparée, Université Stendhal – Grenoble 3, 2003 Master 2 Langue et littérature françaises, Université Lumière – Lyon 2, 2005 PhD French Studies, University of British Columbia, 2010 

Anne Marie Miraglia


519-888-4567 x32283
Office: ML 338B

BA, MA, PhD (Toronto)

Professor Anne Marie Miraglia is a specialist of francophone novelists from Black and Arab Africa, Québec and the French Caribbean. Her research includes literary theory, semiotics, narratology and feminist criticism.

Christine McWebb

Christine McWebb

Director, Stratford Campus | Professor, French Studies

519-888-4567 x23008
Office: DMS 3122

BA, MA, PhD (Western)

Professor McWebb’s present research focuses mainly on the Digital Humanities and late medieval French literature and culture. She has published extensively on the late medieval French writer Christine de Pizan as well as on the Roman de la rose.

Gabriel Niccoli

Gabriel Niccoli

Adjunct associate professor

BA, MA, PhD (British Columbia)

Professor Gabriel Niccoli is a comparatist specializing in Italian, French and English 16th-century literature.


Nicole Nolette

Assistant Professor

519-888-4567 x36850
Office: ML 332

François Paré

François Paré

Distinguished Professor Emeritus


BA (Montreal), PhD (State University of New York, Buffalo), FRSC

François Paré's work is in the area of minority literatures, literature as a cultural institution, and 16th-century France. His book, Les littératures de l'exiguïté (Le Nordir, 1992, 1995, 2001), was awarded the Governor General's Award in 1993.


Rocky Penate

rpenate@uwaterloo.ca  519-888-4567 x 36857
Office: ML 343   B. Ed. French as a Second Language Teaching, Brock University, 2014 Ph.D. French Studies, University of Toronto, 2011. B.A. French Studies, University of Western Ontario, 2002

Guy Poirier

Professor | Department Chair

519-888-4567 x33394
Office: ML 335

B.A. Université Laval, 1983

M.A. McGill University, 1986

PhD McGill University, 1991

D. Russell.

Delbert Russell

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Toronto)


R Ryan.

Robert Ryan

Professor Emeritus

B.A., M.A. (Dalhousie), Doctorat 3e cycle (Aix-en-Provence)

519-888-4567 x38645
Office: PAS 2418

Professor Ryan is a linguist whose field of specialization is the Acadian speech of Atlantic Canada. He has published two books on the phonology and the verb morphology of Nova Scotian Acadian dialect.

P Socken.

Paul Socken

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

B.A. (Toronto), M.A. (Iowa), Ph.D. (Toronto)


Paul Socken is a specialist in French-Canadian literature, particularly in the novel. He has done research on the thematic and stylistic aspects of Gabrielle Roy and is currently publishing in the area of mythology and French-Canadian literature.

Kathleen St. Laurent

Kathleen St. Laurent

(On Secondment until April 30th, 2019)
kstlaurent@uwaterloo.ca (519) 888 - 4567 x35132
Cynthia Tremblay

Cynthia Tremblay


519-888-4567 x35199
Office: ML 338A

B.A., French Studies,  Laval University, Quebec City, 1990 M.A., Linguistics, Laval University, Quebec City, 2005


Kanstantsin Tsedryk



519-888-4567 x38408
Office: ML 331

B.A. Minsk State Linguistic University (Belarus), 2003 M.A. French Studies, Western University, 2004 Ph.D. French Studies, Western University, 2014


Nicolas Hebbinckuys


519-888-4567 x32414
Office: ML 340

Licence ès Lettres modernes – ICES (France) ; Université Sainte-Anne (Nouvelle-Écosse) Maîtrise en Littérature comparée – ICES (France) PhD en Études littéraires – Université de Moncton (Nouveau-Brunswick)

Marie-Christine Gomez-Géraud

Adjunct Associate Professor

Doctorat d'État (Paris Ouest, Nanterre)

David Porreca

David Porreca

Adjunct Associate Professor

B.A. (Waterloo) M.A. (Toronto), Ph.D. (London)

Photo of Rachel Stevenson

Rachel Stevenson

Undergraduate Studies Coordinator and Advisor

Email: rachel.stevenson@uwaterloo.ca
Phone: 519 888-4567 x32249
Office: ML 333


Agata Jagielska

Administrative and Graduate Studies Coordinator

Email: agata.jagielska@uwaterloo.ca
Phone: 519-888-4567 x35132
Office: ML 336


Agata Jagielska

Administrative and Graduate Studies Coordinator


ML 336

(519) 888-4567 ext. 35132