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Faculty research areas

French Studies faculty research areas
Faculty Areas of research
Loula Abd-elrazak   Medieval Literature and New Technologies
Tara Collington 20th-century, Bakhtin Studies, Cultural Studies, Theories of Time and Space in Narrative
Catherine Dubeau 18th century French literature, diaries, novels, essays, epistolary writing, preromanticism, psychoanalytic criticism, sociology of literature, Mme Necker, Mme de Staël
Valérie Dusaillant-Fernandes
20th and 21st French and Francophone literature (Sub-Saharan Africa, Haïti), Trauma studies; Genocide Studies, Psychoanalytic theories, Postcolonial theories, Feminist theories
Nicolas Gauthier 19th century French literature and contemporary detective novels, TV shows and movies, the meeting point of narrative, press, and popular culture studies
Svetlana Kaminska French sociolinguistics, Intonation in France and Québec
Élise Lepage Poetry, fiction and Theatre of Québec and French Canada. Intertextuality.
Ecocriticism. Cultural Studies. "Littérature-monde".
Christine McWebb Medieval French literature, Christine de Pizan, Iconography, Textual Studies, Mysticism, Feminism, Translation Theory, Cultural Studies
Anne Marie Miraglia Francophonie & Québec Novelists, Feminist Criticism & Theory, Feminine Identity in French African literature
Nicole Nolette Littératures franco-canadiennes et québécoises, Traduction et traductologie, Théâtre contemporain (Canada), Plurilinguisme littéraire, Littérature comparée (canadienne-française et canadienne-anglaise) et littérature-monde, Approches phénoménologiques des affects et des émotions, Sociologie de la culture, ethnographie et sociolinguistique, Technologies de la traduction et du théâtre
François Paré Renaissance literature, Theatre, Poetry and Fiction of French Canada, Literature and Cultural Identity
Guy Poirier French Renaissance literature, Travel literature,  Québécois & French Canadian literatures, Renaissance Cultural History, Queer Studies