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MARGOT Research Group

MARGOT is a long-term research project devoted to publishing fully searchable editions of either generally inaccessible texts from the French Middle Ages and the Early Modern period (the Ancien Régime) or of texts in connection with a specific project from the same time period.  Each text will be made available in electronic format.  It is our goal to create a forum for publishing online peer reviewed projects that fall into the two above-mentioned categories.  When using the word “text”, we are referring to it in its full semiotic sense encompassing not only the written word, but iconography as well.

Early French texts of Ontario: From Brébeuf to Charlevoix

In the early 1970s, a number of important literary critics on postmodernity predicted the disappearance of the major founding narratives which had shaped for centuries collective identities and nationalisms. However, as this prediction was based on the models provided by Western dominant cultures, the continued survival of founding narratives in minority and oppressed societies was largely ignored by postmodern writers. Yet, stories of colonial domination, memories of forced dispersion and resettlement, the struggle to affirm language rights, are an integral part of the survival of collective identity in minority cultures. This project aims to offer a new reading of early French texts in Ontario as founding narratives. Our goal is to draw connecting lines between a distant Franco-Ontarian literary past and the various locations upon which today’s Franco-Ontarian community constructs its future and legitimacy.

Missionary texts in the francophone environment

Our SSHRC partnership project « Textes missionnaires dans l’espace francophone » involves scholars from different countries who all work in the area of French missions studies. Our disciplinary and historical scopes are wide, since we study French missions and their texts from the Renaissance to the modern period in an interdisciplinary context. Our group, that was founded after the International Conference “De l’Orient à la Huronie” held in 2007 at the Museum of Sainte-Marie among the Hurons, now also comprises partners such as Library and Archives Canada, The Newberry Library, the “Archives jésuites de Montréal”, and the Centre Sèvres in Paris.