French Major Reset: Changes

Arts Majors Reset

Over the last two years the Faculty of Arts has developed significant improvements to the 28 majors which resulted in changes to the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements. The "Arts Majors Reset" came into effect in September 2016.

Changes to French courses and plans

In addition to the overall changes in Arts, the French Studies curriculum has changed, beginning September 2016.

The 2016-2017 undergraduate calendar is now posted. This page will be used to provide students with updates and curriculum planning. Please take time to read through the information below and the attached resources. If you have any further questions, please contact a French Academic Advisor. 

New specializations

Students interested in completing one or both of the new specializations must follow the new 2016-2017 plan requirements.


  • Students already in a French plan will continue to follow the requirements of the calendar year they first started in French. You can access previous calendar year requirements in the archived list in the undergraduate calendar. 
  • Students declaring French as their major spring 2016 have the option to follow the current calendar requirements (2015-2016) or the new calendar requirements (2016-2017). 
  • Students in an old plan may elect to follow the new 2016-2017 plan requirements. In order to do so you must be enrolled in courses in the Fall 2016 term. To change your calendar year, please complete a plan modification form.