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French certificates

The French Department offers two certificates:

  • French Language I; and
  • French Language II.

Students must successfully complete 2.5 academic course units (5 term courses) with a cumulative average of 70% as follows:

French Language  I            FR 151, 152, 192A, 192B
and one other course taught in French above the FR 151 level.
French Language II FR 192A, 192B, 251, 252
and one other course taught in French above the FR 152 level.

The following may not be counted towards the French certificates: FR 291, and 292.

Students who have completed these courses may apply in writing to the Chair of the Department of French Studies for the appropriate certificate. Certificates of completion are issued by the department and do not appear on the undergraduate transcript or diploma.

Please note that certificates 1 and 2 are mutually exclusive. Only one certificate can be granted. Certificates will not be awarded to students who are completing, or have completed, a French Major or Minor.