Third Year Away

Study in a French environment 

The Department of French Studies encourages students majoring and/or minoring in French to study in a French environment, usually in their third year. Students of all levels and backgrounds in French are encouraged to participate in the Explore Program, which is a bursary program funded by the Canadian Federal government.

Students can choose to study at various institutions in France through various exchange agreements including MICEFA and ORA

Finally, students majoring in French have the option of participating in the department's exchange at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC), in Chicoutimi, Québec.

Global Experience Certificate

Students intending to participate in international exchanges are eligible to apply for the Global Experience Certificate (GEC).

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The Chicoutimi Celebration Award and the Janet and Robert Ryan French Studies Third Year Away Award are both available for exchange students.

University-wide International experience/travel awards are also available. 

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