If you plan to be a full-time Waterloo student, you'll apply through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC), which will send your information to each Ontario university you apply to.

Within two weeks of receiving your application from the OUAC, we'll email you with your Waterloo student number and any actions you might need to take.

You can preview those steps by visiting our website for students who have applied.

Applying through the OUAC means that you need only to apply or submit grades to the OUAC instead of through multiple Ontario universities.

We recommend adding myapplication@uwaterloo.ca to your contacts to ensure you receive our emails.


Part-time or online studies

If you're interested in part-time or online studies, there is a separate application process.

Previous Waterloo students

If you've completed an undergraduate course or degree at Waterloo and wish to take further courses, use the Application for Re-Admission.


If you require an accessibility accommodation for Waterloo's admissions process (such as needing application material in an alternate format), please email us.


Additional questions

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