Entrance scholarships

Scholarships allow us to celebrate and recognize your achievements! Entrance scholarships are available if you're starting full-time first-year degree studies and are beginning university or college for the first time.

Scholarships are awarded primarily on academic and personal achievement. Bursaries, another type of assistance, are awarded based on financial need.

  • Most scholarships do not require an application, but there are some exceptions listed below.
  • Scholarships are normally awarded in mid-May once we receive updated grades from Ontario high schools. Details will be listed in your Waterloo Quest account starting in mid-May.

You can also visit our awards website to search the full list of entrance scholarships, awards, and bursaries. Once you're a Waterloo student, there are scholarships and bursaries you can apply to throughout your degree.

Scholarships you'll automatically be considered for

The "admission average" we use to award scholarships generally consists of your top six grades, including the courses required for admission to your program(s) of interest.

Additional scholarships

You'll also automatically be considered for hundreds of scholarships offered by our faculties. Details are listed below.

If you’re admitted to the Faculty of Arts and choose Renison University College or St. Jerome’s University as your academic home (by co-registering), any scholarships will be awarded by Renison or St. Jerome’s.

Scholarships and awards which require an application

Did you know? If you're in a co-op program, you'll earn money during each of your four to six co-op terms to help pay for school.

Additional scholarships awarded by faculty/program

Not sure which faculty offers your program of interest? View programs listed by faculty.

If you receive an offer of admission, you'll be considered for the following scholarships along with those listed in the available to any student section above. An application is not required for most of these scholarships.


A bursary is awarded based on financial need rather than on academic achievement. Students who are Ontario residents with financial need and who are starting university or college for the first time may receive a Waterloo entrance bursary.

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