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Student spotlight: Romahlio

Romahlio is in 3rd year of Computer Science and is originally from Portmore, Jamaica.

What were you looking for in a university?

When it was decided that I was coming to Canada, I did some research and narrowed down a list of the top 3 universities in the country. I wanted to attend a university with global recognition and a great computer science program.

I ultimately chose Waterloo because of its famed co-op program. I saw a great opportunity to challenge myself academically while getting the opportunity of working for a few companies in the industry.

What did you expect from Waterloo before arriving?

Visually, I expected the campus to have a lot of old buildings. I expected most classes to be large and impersonal. I also expected to be in an entrepreneurial environment where there is an abundance of opportunities for research and innovation. 

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Romahlio thinks that Waterloo is a good fit for students from Jamaica because of its cultural diversity. "Caribbean students will find similarities in the differences they share with other foreign students while receiving the support of the growing Caribbean community."

Was there anything that was different from your expectations?

The first delightful surprise that the campus was very modern, there were a couple of new buildings when I just started here and there have been a few more added since. I was also appreciative of the fact that my classes were not as large as I'd expected and I was able to learn more effectively as a result.

What's your favourite part about Waterloo?

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages but I can say that I appreciate the challenge the computer science program represents, although the workload can be stressful at times, I like that it pushes me to improve. I also like the quiet nature of the city on most occasions.

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