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Here are some ways for you to connect with students from Trinidad or with other international students.

Student spotlight: Chérisse

Chérisse graduated from Economics and is originally from San Fernando, Trinidad.

What were you looking for in a university?

I was looking for a university with a good reputation that would allow me to have a wide range of opportunities for a career. I specifically wanted one in Canada with a name that would make my mother proud.

The co-op jobs at Waterloo interested me. I was very intrigued about a work/school path over five years. Recruiters came to my school and they were very convincing. Their last visit was also on my birthday so I felt like that was a good sign. A lot of students from my school went to Waterloo so it was popular and highly recommended.

What did you expect from Waterloo before arriving?

I always did well in school so I did not expect that to be different at university. I expected that I was capable of handling everything academically that Waterloo threw at me. I was also very active in extra and co-curricular activities so I didn't seriously worry about anything. I was worried about the snow though because I had never seen it before and expected the worst.

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My favourite part of Waterloo is the camaraderie I have made with students of the African Students Association.

If I had not come to Waterloo, I probably would have never been exposed to afrobeats which I can say is one of my favourite genres now. I also really appreciate being part of the team that helps other Caribbean students at Waterloo.

What advice do you have for other students for your country?

Talk to people who are here as early as you can. Get a real account of what life here is like. Connect with Caribbean people in your program early. They would not only help you academically but socially. Always try to stay at least one week ahead of lectures. Be involved in the club so you feel like you have a support system and people to talk to. Be prepared to adapt. Believe in yourself and never be afraid to ask for help. Also, learn to cook and bring seasoning!

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