Co-register at Renison or St. Jerome's

Planning to study Honours Arts or Honours Arts and Business? Looking for a smaller community for your studies?

You can choose to "co-register" and complete your Waterloo degree through Renison University College or St. Jerome's University (SJU), each located in the heart of Waterloo's main campus.

Renison and St. Jerome's are like universities within a university, but with a difference you can feel. You’ll have all of the benefits of being a Waterloo student, including earning a respected Waterloo Bachelor of Arts degree, but at the same time, enjoy the benefits of a smaller university community.

What is co-registration?

Co-registration means that you’ll be both a Waterloo student and a student at Renison or St. Jerome’s. Combining a Waterloo degree with a University College experience means you’ll have access to smaller class sizes, student leadership opportunities, academic advisors right down the hall, and more.

Whether you register through the main campus, Renison, or St. Jerome's, you'll

  • graduate with a valuable Waterloo degree
  • have the same admission requirements
  • be able to take courses on the main campus and at any of our four University Colleges
  • pay the same tuition

Conrad Grebel and United College are additional University Colleges that offer residence and courses in a variety of subjects, but which do not offer co-registration.